Kyrsten Bick


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A little about me...

Kyrsten was born and raised in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2020, Kyrsten embarked on an exciting new adventure, bidding farewell to her beloved Philadelphia and relocating to the picturesque town of Leadville, Colorado. It was a decision driven by a desire for new experiences. Kyrsten smoothly transitioned her career from working at a real estate office in Philadelphia to joining the Aspen Leaf Realty team in Leadville. When she’s not working, Kyrsten can be found exploring the majestic landscapes that surround her new hometown, watching her beloved sports teams, going to see live music, hanging with friends & enjoying all the things Leadville has to offer. Kyrsten’s journey from Philadelphia to Leadville reflects her adventurous spirit & zest for life!


"I applaud the staff at Aspen Leaf Realty, Heather and Melissa, for assisting me with property management then the sale of my property in a knowledgeable, honest, timely and thoughtful manner (in a very short amount of time). I so appreciated the frequent updates I received which greatly relieved my stress. Huge thank you to them. Highly recommended."
"One of the worst after having our family home listed for over a year in pan ark estates with almost an acre attached we had 4 people come see it and no offers these real estate agents are trash kept telling my family to lower the price and sell for nothing after putting over 40,000 worth of work into it so I suggest if your looking to sell your home don't go here"
"Thanks for the awesome service, Bought and sold a home with Heather and everything was smooth. She answered all of my many questions. Thanks!"
"I couldn't be any happier with my agent. Would recommend to anyone."
"Heather is the best! She knows every nook and cranny of the area."
"From getting a CMA from Amy Morrison until the check crossed the table, we could not have been happier with how Ms. Morrison handled our sale. She told us what we should ask, and what we should do to make it work. She was very hands on on the whole process. I don't know how she could have done any better. We say thanks to Ms. Morrison for all of her hard work to make this transaction as smoothly aRead MoreRead Less
"Melissa Hill took my money and left me and my children homeless. Beware."
"** This review has been edited post response from RE/MAX. I have added the major highlights of our home buying experience. ** I didn't enjoy working with Bailey and Heather. It didn't feel like they were in my corner at any point through the home buying process. Overall, I experienced poor communication and support from them, and my negative experience was not related to looking and buying in a Read MoreRead Less
"We had a wonderful experience working with Susan FitzGerald. I highly recommend."
"Heather and Bailey were both wonderful to work with on our a property we sold in Twin Lakes. They were always professional and followed through with needed task. Thank you so much Heather and Bailey"